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The Kitty Lockwood series of crime novels, now published by Cheshire Cat Books

The Luxury of Murder
Cars Just Want to be Rust

We know this much: People want to be immersed. They want to get involved in a story, to carve out a role for themselves, to make it their own.

Writing 'Cars Just Want to be Rust I wanted to try to push the edges of the genre. I get bored with the usual tropes of crime writing - dog walker finds body, there's serial killer at large, blah blah... Monsters are rare and they can be very dull people. I know - I worked with murderers for many years as a teacher in prison. Good people do bad things too. I'm more interested in why people commit crime than who done it...' 

'Cars Just Want to be Rust brilliantly captures the mood, momentum and methodology of police procedure as Glover's heroine, Kitty Lockwood, moves her investigation forward, demonstrating the sort of 'canny' determination and perspicacity possessed of the most successful investigators. Glover takes his gifted and insightful character on a convincing journey, through the traps of inter-departmental rivalry, towards a satisfying resolution.'

Barry Stewart - former Detective Chief Superintendent, Northumbria Police



Tony Glover

When Trevor Speed finds the body of a young man hanging from a tree in Kielder Forest, his life turns upside down. At first sight it looks like a suicide. Then DS Kitty Lockwood recalls the old KGB saying - 'Anyone can commit murder but it takes an artist to fake a suicide.'

Trevor  is so disturbed by his find that he embarks on his own deadly path of self destruction. As Kitty Lockwood searches for the truth she has her own demons to conquer. Most people in her life think she's going crazy. Maybe, she thinks, they have a point...

Following in a long tradition of British crime writers such as Val McDermid (Wire in the Blood), Ian Rankin (Rebus) and PD James (Adam Dalgliesh, Cordelia Gray) Tony Glover has created an emotionally and psychologically complex novel that probes the depths of the criminal mind.

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